The CIS websites use cookies to improve the user experience by delivering relevant information in a more timely way.

Cookies are files sent by the website server to web browsers which are stored by the web browser on the visitor's computer.

The data stored by the cookies is then sent back to the website server each time the browser requests to view a particular page, enabling the website to identify the browser and remember the visitor's website experience. For example, if a visitor chooses to set the website's location setting to Western Australia, a cookie will remember that the user prefers to view Western Australian content.

Individuals have the ability to accept or decline the use of cookies by modifying your browser settings. However, if you choose to decline the use of cookies it may reduce the ease of your website user experience.

We are required by law to protect the security of personal information once we receive it.

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The CIS websites also use geolocation services which enable identification of the visitor's real-world geographic location.

Geolocation retrieves the visitor's IP address through the web browser and submits it to a third party geolocation service. This service redirects visitors to location relevant content on the websites. For example, if the website visitor is located in Victoria, our websites will display Victorian relevant content.

By viewing this website you agree to allow CIS websites to use geolocation to assist your website visit.