A Sleep and Respiratory Technologist is a health professional who assists Sleep and Respiratory Physicians in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and sleep disorders. Sleep and Respiratory Technologists use specialist equipment which collects patient data for analysis and reporting. This information is used by Physicians to provide high quality patient care.

A Sleep and Respiratory Technologist can specialise in sleep diagnosis, sleep treatment solutions or respiratory diagnosis and treatment.

A Sleep and Respiratory Technologist's duties include:

  • In-lab overnight sleep studies.
  • Home based sleep studies.
  • Therapy treatment and trials (CPAP, Positional Therapy).
  • Respiratory and general lung function testing including spirometry, gas transfer and plethysmographic volume measurements.
  • Treatment follow up and troubleshooting.

Joining the Cardio Respiratory Sleep Team provides excellent opportunities for continuing professional development and exposure to leaders within the field. A commitment to high quality work, excellent patient service anda passion for making a difference is essential.

To find out more on how to become a member of the CRS Team, click the link below to submit an expression of interest.