A Cardiac Technologist is a health professional who is responsible for performing high quality cardiac testing procedures in both outpatient clinics and within hospitals. Cardiac Technologists also prepare accurate and timely reports for the reviewing Cardiologists, to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disorders.

Cardiac Technologists work both autonomously and as part of a dynamic team, alongside Cardiac Sonographers, Stress Physicians and Cardiologists.

A Cardiac Technologist's duties include:

  • Performing, analysing and reporting on 12 lead Electrocardiograms (ECGs).
  • Holter and Event monitor fitting, analysis and reporting.
  • 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor fitting, analysing and reporting.
  • Exercise stress testing.
  • VO2 max exercise stress testing.
  • Assisting during treadmill and dobutamine stress echocardiograms.

CVS offers Trainee Cardiac Technologist positions with intensive training and education as part of the role. A comprehensive understanding and knowledge of cardiac physiology and anatomy, as well as a wide range of diagnostic cardiac procedures, will be gained.

By becoming a CVS Cardiac Technologist, there is the opportunity for great career development including exposure and progression into echocardiography and vascular sonography.

To find out more on how to become a member of the CVS Team, click the following link to submit an enquiry / expression of interest.