A Cardiac Sonographer is a health professional who uses specialist equipment to provide cardiac ultrasound images for use in non-invasive testing.

At Cardio Vascular Services, our Cardiac Sonographers perform very high quality diagnostic Echocardiograms for outpatient clinics and within hospitals. Working alongside Cardiac Technologists and Stress Physicians, Sonographers are responsible for differentiating between normal and pathological findings and preparing reports for interpretation by the reviewing Doctor.

A Cardiac Sonographer's duties include:

  • Performing high quality Echocardiograms including Stress Echocardiograms.
  • Differentiating between normal and pathological findings.
  • Conducting high quality cardiac testing and reporting on Holter/Event monitors, Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitors, 12 Lead ECGs and exercise stress ECGs.
  • Interpreting and reporting on ECGs for Exercise Stress tests, Stress Echos and Dobutamine Stress Echos.
  • Preparing reports of diagnostic procedures for interpretation by reviewing Doctor.

CVS is keen to hear from experienced Cardiac Sonographers who are committed to high quality work, enthusiastic about what they do and keen to continually develop their scanning and reporting skills. You may be a qualified and registered Sonographer, or you could be working towards qualification and have made very good progress with your scanning skills. Both part time and fulltime hours can be considered.

All Trainee Sonographers at CVS undertake the Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound to obtain Accreditation with the Australasian Society for Ultrasound and Medicine (ASUM).

CVS offers sonography training to selected graduates with a health science focused degree who enter as Cardiac Technologists and demonstrate high quality work and the commitment required for Sonography training. Our CVS team is offered continuous professional development opportunities and exposure to leaders in the field.

The quality of our work really matters to us and working alongside some of the best, we will support and encourage you to be your best.

To find out more on how to become a member of the CVS Team, click the following link to submit an enquiry / expression of interest.